about us

We Save Lives! That has been our motto and goal since the begining. All of our efforts are to make our communities safer and to enrich the lives of families.
+Our Mission
To break down barriers between people and organizations that prevent living in a peaceful and cooperative community.
+Our Purpose
Bringing together spiritual and Civil Authorities for the common good and safety of our children, congregations and communities.
+Meeting A Need
The Cops & Clergy Network is meeting a widely felt need as is evidenced by the founding of multiple chapters throughout the Inland Empire, with new chapters being organized on a regular basis. This partnership provides greater opportunities to reach out to residents of the communities to improve the quality of life in our city.

The Cops & Clergy Network provides the following services:

  • Chapter development services
  • Community liaison and relationship consulting services
  • Coordination services for Faith based and civic partnerships development
  • Relationship and sensitivity training for faith communities and government entities
  • Need assessment services


+Areas Of Focus
The Service Area: CCN will assist and service any community nation-wide that has an interest in establishing a Chapter of the Cops and Clergy Network.

The Target Area: CCN employs strategies that works with faith based groups, community based groups, police departments, local government, county government and other government groups and departments. Either of these groups can be an initiator group.


+Tutoring and Mentoring
We are developing tutorial programs that allows students to visit neighborhood churches after school to receive help with their homework. This plays a huge part in preparing our children for the future and to keep their minds focused on the positive side of education.

Through the help of family and neighborhood organizations we are able to obtain tutors and mentors that help guide the children through everyday life. We have programs that include day trips to the community center where the children can swim, play basketball and participate in other activities.

All of the programs help to keep our children in a positive atmosphere and helps them understand important values that are needed to lead successful lives.


+The Boards and Members
Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Felix Roger Jones III, President
  • Ms. Lisa Marie Ruiz, Treasurer
  • Dr. Donald Wallace, Assistant Treasurer
  • Ms. Phyllis Marie Jones, Secretary
  • Chief of Police Frank Coe, Member
  • Parole Officer Don Thomas Davis, Member
  • Lt. Sheila Davis, CO
  • Dr. Craig Turley, Member

Advisory Board:

  • Chief of Police James R. Bueermann
  • District Attorney Michael Ramos
  • Dr. William Bean


In The News

News and Events

October 17, 2015 – Invitation To The White House

On behalf of the 2016 Faith & Justice Summit Committee, an official Invitation was sent to the White House to invite our President to participate in the 16th annual Faith & Justice Summit sponsored by the Cops and Clergy Network. The Faith & Justice Summit brings together Spiritual and Civil leaders for the common good and safety of our children, congregations, and communities.

CLICK HERE to view the official invitation

September 11, 2013 – CCN Moreno Valley Chapter

A senseless murder of a 6 year old child has occurred. A community message must be sent which says to the doers of such evil that such behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Therefore, CCN Moreno Valley will be staging a “Safe City Prayer Walk” at Bethune Park on Saturday, September 21, 2013, 10:00 a.m.

Gang violence must STOP!!!!!!!!

Be there! The whole city, county and region needs to be there. It is our responsibility as GOOD citizens of this great nation.

prayerwalkJanuary 11, 2011 – Redlands Prayer Walk

We coordinated a Prayer Vigil and Prayer Walk in the neighborhood where four youngsters were shot, two of which lost their lives.

Click to view video

The Cops & Clergy Network has gained national recognition for its innovative approach to fostering cooperation between the faith-community and local law enforcement agencies –

June 1, 2003 – National Recognition

Dr JonesThe U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, has featured the Cops & Clergy Network in two of its publications: “COPS Fact Sheet: value-based initiative and value-based reentry initiative, September, 2003” and “MAKING THE MATCH: Law Enforcement, the Faith Community and the Value-Based Initiative, December, 2003”. In “MAKING THE MATCH”, the Cops & Clergy Network was one of only two organizations that was cited as being “a proven model for improving relations between police and faith-based organizations”.

The Missouri Western State College Regional Community Policing Institute newsletter “C.O.P. Link” featured an article on the Cops & Clergy Network in which it was referred to as both “innovative” and “promising”. In fact, Pastor Felix Roger Jones III was invited to speak at the Missouri Western State College Regional Policing Institute.

The January, 2004 issue of “Global Crime Update” includes an article featuring the Cops & Clergy Network and how it created a “successful collaboration between members of the clergy and members of law enforcement in Redlands, CA.

On September 17, 2003 the California Crime Prevention Officer’s Association and the California Attorney General’s Crime and Violence Prevention Center awarded the Cops & Clergy Network, Riverside Chapter, the California Crime Prevention Community Partner of the Year Award.

The National Crime Prevention Council newsletter “Catalyst” featured an article on the Cops & Clergy Network and its impact on Redlands, CA. The article went on to state that in 2002 the Cops & Clergy Network was one of only 6 organizations in the United States to receive a U.S. Department of Justice, Community Oriented Policing Services, Value-Based Initiative grant. And in 2003, the California Council for the Humanities awarded the Cops & Clergy Network a grant to support its “Faith and Justice Summit” program.

The University of Southern California, Center for Religion & Civic Culture, includes the Cops & Clergy Network, Riverside Chapter, in its “Current Roster of Promising Practices” stating that it is “an innovative, successful collaboration between law enforcement and faith communities, which directly addresses the problem of crime and violence among at-risk youth”. Further, the Cops & Clergy Network “offers encouragement and know-how to help faith communities build the capacity to develop their own initiatives and pursue funding when needed”.